Friday, May 22, 2009

strawberry apple mold

I enjoyed my last applesauce mold so much, I decided to make another. Only this time I used strawberry Jell-O instead of lime. But I'm so ashamed of myself... I made the number one stupidest Jell-O making mistake. I didn't heat up the water enough to dissolve the Jell-O. I was using applesauce instead of water, and I had that boiling (I thought hard enough) but it was difficult to tell with the applesauce if it was dissolving or not. And this morning when I went to pop it out of the mold it was still runny. Oh, the shame! I know better than that! Oh well, according to my Jell-O cookbook, if it doesn't set, you can dump it all back into a pan. Bring everything to a boil. Boil it for about two minutes. Let it sit and cool off a little bit. Pour it back into the mold, and everything will be fine. I figured, I didn't have anything to loss, so I tried it. And it was alright after all. So much for being a pro-Jell-O chef.


Leingang Family said...

Is it good with strawberry?

Theresa said...

yes, very tasty.