Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dutch Jelly

I know, I've been a Jell-O making slacker the past few months. But one of these days I'll get caught up, and until then I've got Dutch Jelly! Recently my friends went on a trip to Amsterdam and brought me back all types of Dutch and European jelly and puddings! Thanks! Here's the first one I've tried complete with the poorly translated instructions.

1: Bring a half liter water to cook.

2: Joint the contents of the bundle and rudder these by the ebullient water to that the powder has been entirely solved.

3: The pudding in haircuts or in an already too high pudding form does not pour.

4: Late the jelly pudding cool down and place these afterwards at least 2 hours in the frigidaire.

Tip: YOU get a nice fresh dessert by the haircuts or the pudding form strawberries or other fresh fruit to fill. Furthermore you follow above construction manner.