Sunday, January 16, 2011

Peach Jellies

Sorry! I forgot to take pictures of the Christmas Jell-O Molds, and by the time I remembered there was only one little smidget left.

But I did get a picture of these delicious peach jellies made from peach jam, peach juice, gelatin and sugar. They turned out fantastic! Not like the Applet and Cotlet type recipe I've been searching for but more like Boston Fruit Slices. I will definitely be making these again.

I got the recipe from Everyday Food and hardly changed it at all. The only thing I did differently was I didn't bother pouring it through a fine-mesh sieve. I don't have a dish washer, and I just couldn't see it being worth trying to clean that sticky mess out of my sieve. And I'm not sure they would have been any better if I had strained it anyhow. They seemed perfect as is.

See recipe here.