Tuesday, May 19, 2009

jello mold competition

Why must it be so far away!!! If only if it were in Portland, or Seattle even, or located somewhere that I could drive all night and get to with a portable refrigerator! Oh, the tears! If there is anyone who lives closer you must enter this contest!

And here's the "Why" listed from The Gowanus Studio Space:


“Food is the most universal language of design”*

At the most basic level, designers reconfigure objects to bring out their aesthetic, utilitarian, and/or meaningful qualities. These objects, more often than not, are for necessary, everyday use and nothing is more necessary than food, nothing more everyday than Jell-O.

Yes, Jell-O. What was once a dessert of jiggling, artful decadence has now been rendered flat or at most, a wiggling cube on a Styrofoam tray at the end of a buffet line to be picked up by some nostalgic lunch patron. This isn’t good enough for an American icon!

In these somber times of restraint, of reigning in and reallocating, we need a resurgence of steady wobble that won’t let us down. In short, it’s time for a comeback of the Jell-O proportions of old: soaring heights, strange colors, object suspension! Jell-O is the perfect medium for design reinvention given its versatility, economy, and availability. To this end, the Gowanus Studio Space is asking designers to take Jell-O out of the cafeteria and break the mold, as it were, on Jell-O molds.

Enter to compete here


Revel in the wonder of Jell-O and get inspired by the iconic jiggle

Saturday, June 20, 2009 from 6-10pm
Register by June 12, 2009 to compete

The judging and awards ceremony will be held at the Gowanus Studio Space in Brooklyn.

I salute you Jello Competition people!


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