Monday, December 28, 2009

Ham and Celery Loaf

I realize that there might be something wrong with my taste buds. I finally tried making a Jell-O meat loaf, and I actually LIKED it! Perhaps it's an acquired taste. It reminds of eating a giant crunchy sweet pickle with chunks of ham. Or a celery salad with a lemon-lime vinaigrette and chucks of ham and sweet pickles mixed into It. I actually ate a whole bowl full of it. I got this recipe from my new "The Greater Jell-O Recipe Book" from 1931. It seems the older the recipe book, the more unique the recipes. I can't wait to try some more. Next I'll be making the Coca-Cola date and nut mold...
p.s. I made this with HAM not SPAM, big difference. And I followed the recipe exact, except I added an envelope of plain gelatin, and I decreased the boiling water by 1/4 cup. I like my Jell-O thicker than most.


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