Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Creepy Jell-O

Jell-O's not always the happy fun colorful dessert you think it is. Sometimes Jell-O can be downright scary and I'm not talking about The Swedish Salad Mold. I'm talking about freaky and creepy Jell-O.

Here's the undead Jell-O found by Geekologie. You'll need to eat it before it eats you... or I guess you could always just kill it with fire. You can find this mold here at Think Geek. (You can also try brushing on some red food coloring when it's out of the mold for an extra bloody effect.)

Of course if you are a zombie, you might prefer the brain Jell-O mold. I'm assuming Jell-O is a bit more appetizing than actual brains. You could also try filling this mold with the "pink salad" to make it extra revolting.
Found at The Daily Dairy and you can buy a brain mold of your own here at Think Geek. (You can also fill your Jell-O mold with some spaghetti to make it look extra brainy.)

While we're on the subject on internal body parts, you might want to consider trying an anatomically correct heart. Nothing says "I love you!" like giving that special someone a still beating heart... or at the very least a Jell-O mold shaped like a real heart. Found here at Sick Kitchen and you can buy the mold here at Anatomical Chart Company. (I would highly suggest using the bleeding heart recipe.)


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