Friday, September 4, 2009

is this real!!!

Story found on "Amazing stories: University of Puget Sound Arches alumni magazine."

Fabled Bill Cosby Jell-O sculpture is real …
and it ’s still intact after 29 years!

Flash back to March 1978. Comedian and longtime Jell-O spokesman Bill Cosby is performing at Memorial Fieldhouse. An art student from Pacific Lutheran sculpts a likeness of Cosby in raspberry Jell-O and appears backstage to present it to him. Cosby, at first speechless, finally finds his voice and politely declines to take the Jell-O with him, saying it would be difficult to carry on the plane home. A kind-hearted university staff member says he’ll hold on to the work of art until Cosby can make it back to Tacoma. That was 29 years ago. The staffer, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirms that the Jell-O safely sits to this day in a refrigerator at an undisclosed site. Which causes us to wonder: What is the shelf-life of Jell-O?

P.S. Ok, we can tell you’re skeptical, but we swear the Cosby Jell-O mold lives. We saw it ourselves. It even smells a little like raspberry. Still don’t believe us? You can read about it in the Tacoma News Tribune’s March 16, 2001, article or in Jell-O: A Biography by Carolyn Wyman (page 67; Harcourt Publishers).

All I can say is, if someone gave ME a portrait of myself made out of Jell-O... I'd FIND a way to get it on the plane!

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