Tuesday, September 8, 2009

eggs in aspic

Looking for a cheap and easy dinner? Try "Eggs in Aspic." Don't worry this recipe is "Family Approved."

"Red and yaller, catch a feller" might as well have been a name for our Eggs in Aspic recipe.

Well golly sakes! I bet that's why I can't seem to find me a man! I just don't have the nerve to try making this recipe. I guess all the good men are wasted away on the girls who cook "Eggs in Aspic."

Did you ever get deflated by the expression on your man's face as you proudly served a pretty molded salad or dessert?

ALL THE TIME! I just can't understand what's wrong with my fancy Jell-O molds!

The molded creation was no doubt a sight to behold – but so was his face, for most men do not react well to what they consider food "fit for the girls." Yes we gals rightly feel that all the advantages of such dishes warrant our serving them!

Yes, we do!!!

Therefore a compromise is needed. To satisfy the men, let's first catch their eyes with their old favorites, red and yaller; and then let's see to it that it's a filling kind of aspic, not one with nine-tenths gelatin to one-tenth food!

You mean there should actually be FOOD in Jell-O?

Then from the gal's angle, make it in the cool of the morning, unmold, garnish well in advance of serving. No matter how steaming hot the day turns out to be, we have tempting food for our family, without wondering what we can cook a the last minute, without cooking the cook! A variation of this recipe is to devil the eggs, then put them in the aspic.

Add Mayonnaise! Great idea!

But that's not all there is about this recipe, for, believe it or not if you are still meek and timid about attempting fancy molds, this one is for YOU. It is truly a good one for beginners, for all that it looks so out-and-out professional. So better get busy members.

Hear that? It's easy! I think I'm going to try this one for dinner tonight.

And there you have it the actual column about "Eggs in Aspic" from American Home Magazine – 1953. Italicized

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Anonymous said...

"Red and yaller, catch a feller"? Did 1950s mothers actually say that to their daughters? How about "yaller and red, get yourself wed"? Or "pink, teal, and taupe -- find a boy and elope"? "Green upon gold, get a gent and grow old". "Chartreuse with tan will ensnare you a man". I could do this all evening.