Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iced tea gelatin salad

I originally saw this idea here on Instructables but I'm not very good at following instructions so I made up my own recipe.

This mold turned out pretty good, but a lot darker than I thought it would. My idea was to cube a light color of iced tea gelatin and add it to the darker color of iced tea gelatin to make them look like ice cubes. Only now you can't even see the lighter colored cubes unless you hold the mold up to a light. Next time I think I'll reverse them. Cube the dark and add it to the light.

I used a peach ginger green tea and a blackberry blueberry black tea.

My made up recipe is:
2 envelopes of plain gelatin to every 2 cups strong tea
I also added about a 1/4 cup of sugar or sugar to taste

To cube gelatin, I poured the boiling tea into the gelatin mixed with the sugar and stirred until it was dissolved. Then I poured it into a meatloaf pan and chilled. Later after it was set, I popped it out of the pan and sliced it into cubes with a knife run under hot water.

Then I chilled the other gelatin until partially set and mixed the cubes into it. Finally I poured it all into a mold and let it all chill until set.

It's a lovely warm summer evening dessert.


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turquoise cro said...

Hi Theresa!! Have YOU been using your Cro mug from the June tea party last year??!!! hehe Vanessa is planning another one and I went back to my tea party last year and saw YOU won my tea party prize!! Can YOU believe it's been almost a year!!! phew! I LOVE all this jello! It was one of my FAV foods as a kid and I still LOVE jello! I'm going to have to find me a sweet recipe some day! This one LOOKS yummy! I saw on the news or somewhere some peeps were saying how jello helped their aches and pains of arthritis???!! I think I'm going to have to start eating more jello!!! tee hee well, HOPE to seeeeeeee YOU again this year at my tea party!!