Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Squirrel Monkeys and Jell-O

(If there were sound...)
'Yeah! Feeding time!" "Look here he comes with the tray!" "Wait a minute... what's that on the tray? I've never seen anything like that before!" "Hey, all these perfectly good blue berries are stuck in this weird blue force field?!?" "What are they trying to feed us?!?" "Oh look! It's all wiggly and when I shake it really hard, some of those little blue berries fall out!" "I just need to rip it apart... Wait! Yours looks better!" "Slippery, Slipping... eek!" "But the berries are stuck!!!" "Hold on, I think... I think I can eat this stuff that the berries are stuck in!" "Hey, it's not that bad..."

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